Online Savings Account

Online Savings Account In Johannesburg

Online Savings

Our Online Savings Account In Johannesburg enables clients to take full control of their funds and to enable them make payments wherever they are. Come get  Online Saving Account in Johannesburg with Mzansi Wethu Cooperative.

Low-income housing loans

We assist low-income clients having trouble in securing a mortgage or to secure a mortgage loan after satisfying all our requirements.  Our home loan experts go to the length and breadth to assist clients to acquire the best deal on your home loan. MZWC offers you the following:

  • Based on your salary we will help you choose the best loan option.
  • We’ll help you to apply for a loan that meets your budget
  • Application for loans takes three to five weeks
  • Interest rate is fixed at 3%

Low-Cost Housing Loans Requirements

Over four million South Africans live in informal settlements, either in urban areas or squatter camps. Majority of our population have the greatest number of people per household supported by the smallest income such as grants. The poor and most vulnerable have no access to financial institutions and financial products tailored to their needs or circumstances. 

Are you looking into building or buying a home we’re here for you. A lot of methods are offered to meet the needs of our consumers. We also provide affordable housing solutions that are more accessible to households with a combined minimum income from six thousand five hundred (R6 500) per month. We will finance you up to 100% of the purchase price, to enable families who do not have funds to pay a deposit for affordable housing. 

As required by the National Credit Act (NCA), all home loans are granted subject to the applicant’s affordability and credit status. 

How to apply for the Online Savings Account

  • To open this account No balance requirement
  • You are required to bring the ID or Passport
  • Proof of residence e.g., municipality account, phone bill, etc. not older than 3 months
  • It can be opened for as sole or joint account

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