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funding for small businesses Johannesburg

Our Services

  • Savings account  
  • Low-income housing loans
  • Online Internet banking
  • Registration for mobile banking
  • SMMEs loans including co-operatives
  • Strategic business union through customized money

The Bank Divisions

  • Banking and bills
  • Banking direction
  • Housing Loans Division
  • Property and purchasing Division
  • Information Technology 
  • Finance & Financial Markets
  • Human Resources
  • Loan re-payments 

The role of Mzansi Wethu Cooperative (MZWC) Funding For Small Businesses

Our end goal is to serve funding for small businesses Johannesburg and lots of problems they are facing that must be addressed so they get goals in the strong business environment of South Africa. MZWC will be involved in the socio-economic growth of small to medium entrepreneurs and the areas in which they live and help women and young entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we will help you get that SMME Loan in Johannesburg for your small business. At all times we understand our clients needs and goals. Furthermore, we place our clients above everything else, we help our clients so they get the best results. We offer a lot of agreements and payment plans that best suit the needs of our clients. Contact us

  • We’re reliable
  • It is ensured that we make ourselves available to our clients and boost staff-client contact.
  • Clients are always provided with products, services and solutions fit to their needs.
  • In all of our marketing, we are honest, trustworthy, in line, and we value our clients’ ideas and decisions.
  • Keep up the highest level of honesty.
    In support of the highest levels of quality for our clients, we lay out resolved and set principles.

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